4th Annual Cell Culture & Bioprocessing Congress 2015

Over 170 delegates representing leading biotech companies, global pharma organisations and internationally renowned academic institutions

50 presentations, case studies and panel discussions focused on the key issues in cell line optimisation, process development and biological production

4 interactive streams:

  • Cell Line Development: Novel Tools and Techniques
  • Process Development: Upstream and Downstream Process Optimisation
  • Cell Line Development: Ensuring Stability and Quality of Cell Lines
  • Biological Production: Manufacturing and Case Studies

14 pre-scheduled one to one meetings, exhibition and informal networking opportunities

Oxford Global are proud to present the 4th Annual Cell Culture & Bioprocessing Congress, taking place on the 9th & 10th November 2015 in London.

This Congress is an executive platform for over 170 experts to network, exchange ideas, and discuss the latest innovations in the field.  Delegates come from a variety of areas, including cell line development, cell line engineering, up and downstream operations, biotechnology, process development, biologics production and more.

The value of the cell culture industry is experiencing extraordinary growth, with a projected value of around $24 billion by 2018. Our Congress will bring together leading minds in the field to discuss ways to address industry challenges and growth. Supporting this exchange will be key solution providers; in 2014 these included Merck Millipore, Eppendorf, Solentim, ProteoNic and Irvine Scientific. Providing a comprehensive round up of the latest in cell culture and biological processing, the conference will cover subjects spanning from raw materials quality control and novel cell line development technologies, to advances in process development and strategies to deal with moving to clinical trial and manufacture.

On Day One, the conference will address early cell line development advances and innovation in process development. Our expert speakers will discuss technologies for precise genome editing, how to ensure quality of raw materials in stem cell culture, and development of non-mammalian expression systems. Key issues to be covered in our Process Development stream include how to improve yield and quality in processing, novel single use technologies, and effective scale-up techniques.

Day two of the event will see our leading industry and academic speakers present subjects such as the optimisation of cell lines, contamination issues in manufacture, efficient technology transfer, strategies in the use of Quality by Design, and the future of continuous processing. Other key topics that delegates will have the opportunity to hear about include first hand experiences from speakers of  biosimilar cell line development, moving to manufacture with therapeutic proteins, and innovation in the development of bispecific antibodies.

The 4th Annual Cell Culture & Bioprocessing Congress forms part of Oxford Global’s highly successful Biologics Series. Upcoming events in the series include:


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